Saturday, June 2, 2012

Five Random and Amusing Things About Me

I am a strange person. Here is proof.

1. I cannot wink with my left eye. This is a serious problem. When I try winking with my left eye I end up looking like I am having a seizure. I cannot help but close my right eye. I try and fight it and the result is quite unattractive. This has become a sort of party game among me and my friends. They think I'm hilarious ;D
This little guy has got it down!
2. I own only one pair of sunglasses, they are weird. Owning a sole pair of sunglasses is abnormal enough. Don't most girls own like five? This is compounded by the fact that they are heart shaped and floral patterned. Most of the time I feel like a bad ass walking around with these baby's on. I will admit, however, I have gotten some strange looks...
3. I have too many stuffed animals. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that this is a problem. But as I enter my third decade of life (gulp) this definitely sets me apart. I don't mean that they sit in a closet somewhere either. They travel between home and college with me. They are affectionately arrayed around my dorm. Every one knows them by name. The queen of this collection is Suzie, she is a Squishable sheep. Filling out the family is a pillow chum panda named Dumpling, a mini Squishable kangaroo named Marigold and a monkey-sheep named Norby.
Suzie is prepared for that Wisconsin winter.

4. I have to stare at a winter scene desktop for the next two years. This is a minor inconvenience in the scheme of things but an annoyance nonetheless to me on a daily basis. As a student office worker they have to restrict us somehow. My computer at work had a "deep freeze" placed on it over spring break. This means that any changes I make (new desktop, updates, adding programs, etc.) will be erased after shutting it down. I had yet to change my desktop to a picture of milder weather. Winter scenes are pretty sure, sure. But, dude, I live in Wisconsin. Its summer. I don't need to be reminded of the snowpocalypse that will bury us in 5 months. Can't I live in ignorance bliss for a few months? The universe says NO.
Awww. So pretty, right? Shoot me now.
5. My friends enjoy remarking on how "moist" I am. Sounds dirty, but its not! I have a bit of an obsession with moisturizing, especially with my hands. I have lotion on my person at all times. There is nothing worse than when your skin is dry and your cuticles are pealing and it is just plain uncomfortable. The "moist" joke started because the first time I tried henna it turned out all wrong. I am the palest person I know and you could barely make out the design. My friend Shaina blamed it on my moisturizing habits. People started feeling my hands to confirm and were genuinely amazed. Apparently I have really, really soft hands. There are worse things to have a claim to fame to.

My secret weapon.

What do you guys think, am I a truly unique individual? Are there any random or amusing facts that you wish to share about yourself?

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  1. I can't remember exactly what it was that brought me to your blog (Throne of Glass I presume) but I added it to my Google Reader Feed and then when Google Reader died and I switched (to Feedspot at the moment) all your old posts popped up. (All that to explain why I'm commenting on old posts) anyway I wanted to say I am fabulous at winking BUT I only had one pair of sunglasses until I got a prescription pair this spring (they are amazing... seriously now I can wear sunglasses when I drive and I can SEE when I wear sunglasses!)

    Of course I only had one pair because I so steadily lose sunglasses, I am amazed at your ability to hang onto yours for so long.

    Also, stuffed animal collections ftw! I have a stuffed schnauzer I bring on planes with me and flight attendants keep mistaking it for a real dog. Less because it's so realistic and more because they don't think a person in their twenties would be carrying a stuffed animal when obviously traveling alone.

    Anyway, you're not totally weird, just sort of ;-)