Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello World!

Hey there. How you doing? What are you up to? Where you going? Got any plans for later?

Okay, okay. Focusing.

The Big Question: Why am I writing this blog?

What it really comes down to is my growing impatience with my life. I am essentially sick of putting things off until tomorrow or next week or next month. I want the things that I desire now. I don't want to hold back or play it safe or put my life in the hands of others. Life isn't slowing down; in fact I'm pretty sure someone just slammed the gas, I'm going to be 20 soon.

"Let the light in, let the light out" is a good explanation too. I would consider myself a classically shy person. I take awhile to warm up. I am overly cautious. A bit of a perfectionist too. This is bad combination for times when you need to grab life by the cojones if you will. So here I am grabbing life in the no-no zone and putting myself out there. I'm letting the world in and hoping that it draws me out.

The Medium Sized Question: What is this blog going to be about?

Two answers come to mind immediately: everything and I don't know. I am a somewhat serious person so I plan on getting deep but I am also a somewhat crazy/weird person so I also plan on having fun.

Here is a list of ideas:

1) Writing-where I am at with my own writing, what I'm learning, general musings
2) Reading-what I'm into, new discoveries and book reviews (very excited about creating conversations about good books, one of my favorite things!)
3) Health-body issues, weight and self-perception
4) In the Kitchen-food blogs, new recipes and inspiration
5) Entertainment-music, movies, TV, YouTube, you name it
6) Random!-anything wacky or hilarious or surprising

I like these ideas, I really do.

But you want to know the best part? I have no idea what I'm going to write or whose going to read it or where this all is going to take me.

I am so excited. The possibilities are as daunting as they are delicious.

The Little Question (or Big Question for You, Reader): What do you want out of a blog? How open do you expect a blogger to be? For you, what is lacking in the blogosphere?

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